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Watch Lady Gaga and Art Smith's Very Gaga Thanksgiving

"Tonight, I asked chef Art to prepare for us some fried turkey and waffles for all of America to enjoy on Thanksgiving," said Lady Gaga during the delightfully bizarre cooking segment in last night's prime-time special A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. Chef Art Smith was on hand to reinterpret some of Lady Gaga's classic family recipes including "Grandmother Germanotta's Salami Pecorino Cheese Waffles" and "Aunt Sheri and Uncle Steve's Spiced Pecans" (recipes here in a pdf).

Things got a little messy, so Lady Gaga made the right call: "Let me just remove my Valentino couture." They also took a break to dance? "Cooking is such a huge part of my life that nobody really knows about," Lady Gaga clarified as the why she demonstrated Thanksgiving recipes on TV on Thanksgiving night. "It's what I do on the road when I'm alone to make me feel happy." Fried turkey and waffles for everyone!

Video: A Thanksgiving Feast With Lady Gaga

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