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CBS Sunday Morning's Food Episode: Thomas Keller, Toasters, Tiki Bars, and More

CBS Sunday Morning's annual food episode aired this weekend, and man did they ever squeeze in a hell of a lot of food content. There's a profile of French Laundry/Per Se chef Thomas Keller in which the chef admits to being haunted by the very thought of a bad dinner service and lets journalist Tracy Smith — who says Keller scares the hell out of her — into his stash of $2,600/pound truffles. But that's just the beginning: the episode also has toaster collectors, chopsticks, waiters asking to be treated like human beings, tiki drinks, poor people, food art, and much more. Below, watch Keller explain how it's not his fault he's so intimidating and see the show's full list of stories.

Video: Inside Thomas Keller's Restaurants

· Inside Thomas Keller's Restaurants
· Chopsticks: History, Art and Food
· Olive Oil: Mining a Liquid Gold
· The Birth of Sandwiches
· America's New Poor
· Art Good Enough to Eater
· Resurrecting America's Historic Apples
· Singing the Praises of Fat
· Gathering of the Toaster Collectors
· Bagels and Bialys Go Beyond Any Religion
· Waiters Are People Too!
· The Return of the Tiki Bar

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