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Michelin's 2012 Stars For Belgium and Luxembourg

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Think Belgium is just chocolate and french fries? Think again: it is also the home to many new Michelin-starred restaurants. The Michelin 2012 Guide to Belgium and Luxembourg has been announced, and Gert De Mangeleer's Hertog Jan outside Bruges has become the Belgium's newest three star restaurant, which brings the total number of three stars in that country up to three.

Two restaurants — De Jonkman, near Bruges, and Le Chalet de la Foret in Brussels — got their second star, which makes sixteen restaurants at that level. A grand total of 14 restaurants got their first star this year, making 99 one star restaurants in the region. That's an increase of 16%. Below, the new stars in Belgium/Luxembourg's Michelin galaxy:

Three Stars:
Bruges - Sint-Michiels: Hertog Jan

Two Stars:
Bruges - Sint-Kruis: De Jonkman
Bruxelles - Uccle: Le Chalet de la Fore?t

One Star:
Anvers: Kommilfoo
Anvers - Brasschaat: Kasteel Withof
Beerzel: De Tuinkamer
Bruxelles - Sainte-Catherine: Jaloa
Hasselt: JER
Houthalen: Innesto – Domein De Barrier
Koksijde: Ten Bogaerde
Malines - Sint-Katelijne-Waver: Centpourcent
Mons - Baudour: d’Euge?nie a? Emilie
Roeselare: Boury
Temse: Clandestino
Tongeren: De Mijlpaal
Zingem - Ouwegem: Benoit en Bernard Dewitte
Grand-Duche? de Luxembourg - Bourglinster: La Distillerie

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