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Watch Gordon Ramsay Shout in an Improbable Acura Ad

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Here's a new commercial with shouty Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay shoutily shouting in a new commercial for Acura automobiles. The ad has something to do with mocking rich people for going overboard during the holidays (by hiring a "renowned chef") and then suggesting viewers practice fiscal discipline by purchasing a brand new car?

Anyway, Ramsay's crumbling restaurant empire — not all his fault — is likely held afloat by one thing: television. Or rather, his highly-lucrative, highly-rated Fox series Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef (and soon another series, Hotel Hell). But Ramsay wants more — Los Angeles is an expensive town, indeed — and to that end he has recently sold himself out to Specsavers (glasses) and slapped his name on a line of "mean" Kmart kitchenware. But this Acura commercial may signal the desperate nadir of Ramsay's troubled career. What next?

Video: Gordon Ramsay Acura Commercial

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