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Watch Funny or Die's Parody of Drive: Drive-Thru

Funny or Die re-imagines the movie Drive with a trailer for the totally real movie called Drive-Thru. But rather than real weapons, there are ketchup-squirting hamburgers, sporks, and Happy Meal toys. Instead of a getaway driver, there's a guy who drives through fast-food windows very professionally. But there are some important rules: "I don't go inside the restaurant. I don't do carryout. I just drive-thru."

As in any good heist movie, there's also a Job. Rob a bank? A casino? No, obtain a jumbo burger sack from Sonic. The danger here, of course, being that Sonic is not a real drive-thru — a terrifying reality that leads to a Hamburglar assault, sexy elevator french fry feeding, the Burger King in a track suit and the conclusion that "it's never going to be safe for you to eat again." Here's the video:

Drive Thru

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