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Burger King Japan Debuts a Pizza-Sized Hamburger

[Photos: Burger King Japan]

Screw sliders, it's time for some big-ass hamburgers. Similar to the NY Pizza Burger served at New York's BK Whopper Bar, Burger King Japan has announced they'll be serving a 22-cm wide pizza-sized hamburger.

The press release (warning: PDF) is in Japanese with about ten words of English, so here's what can be gleaned from Google Translate: the burger comes in two flavors, Fresh Avocado and Cheese Nacho (which looks like a cheeseburger with chips on it). Also, you can get the Pizza-Sized Burger in a party set with sides and drinks for four.

The whole promotion seems to be for the holidays — the Japanese go absolutely bonkers over KFC fried chicken "party barrels" on Christmas Day — and basically, this is Burger King trying to muscle into KFC's Christmas turf.

The meals can be ordered between November 11 and December 22 for delivery any time between December 8 and 25; they cost ¥2,680 (US$34) for the full "party set" or ¥1,680 (US$21) for the burger on its own. Merry Christmas, or "Merii Kurisumasu," as they say in Japan. Here's a gigantic hamburger.

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