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The UK's 'Blingiest' Cheese Costs $431 Per Pound

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The cheesemasters at British dairy Long Clawsons wanted to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet 1% money this holiday season, so what did they do? Pumped their white Stilton full of gold, naturally. According to their website, "Long Clawson Stilton Gold is made from premium white Stilton and is shot-through with a combination of real edible gold leaf, and real gold-Cinnamon Schapps" [sic]. So basically Goldschlagger-flavored Stilton. Yum?

Anyway, that boozy, cinnamony, Stiltony cheese comes with a hefty price tag: £60 per 100g slice (about US$431 per pound). Don't worry about saving your pennies, though, Britain's so-called "blingiest cheese" is going to famous people. A spokeswoman told the Independent, "For confidentiality reasons I can't publicly identify the people who have inquired about our Clawson Stilton Gold but, suffice to say, they are all very well known." Enjoy your glamorous cheese this Christmas, rich people.

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[Photo: Long Clawsons Dairy]