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First Look: Next's First E-Cookbook, Paris 1906

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Today, Grant Achatz's experimental restaurant Next launches the first installment of their e-cookbook for the restaurant's opening menu, Paris 1906. Focusing on the recipes of famed French chef Auguste Escoffier, the cookbook contains all of the dishes served in the original tasting menu, as well as some insights on recipe development. The app, which was developed with Apple, is available (iTunes link) in 21 countries on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $4.99.

Next co-owner Nick Kokonas talked to Eater about the books, which the restaurant intends to release as quickly as possible after each menu debuts at the restaurant. Apart from this first installment, the photos and videos for the iBook are shot during recipe development — chef Christian Seel has a background in film and does the photography.

Kokonas says that while this first cookbook only has one video (of chef Dave Beran demonstrating the duck press), future versions will have significantly more. The Thai menu e-cookbook, for example, have ten videos; that book is already written and Kokonas says it will be out about 45 days from now.

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