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Gordon Ramsay Unleashes Yelpers and Bloggers on Kitchen Nightmares

Every episode of Gordon's Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares proclaims to be the "most intense one yet," but the latest one was so nuts that it was actually split into two parts (the first time this has happened in the show's five-season history). The scene of the crime is Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles, a restaurant that's had 10 chefs and 10 menu changes during its 16-month tenure. It's losing $5,000/month. The owner believes that there's a "plot against him" from Yelp to close the business. "The Yelpers killed us," said the owner. "The Yelpers trashed us terribly."

Gordon Ramsay brings the owners to a theater and unleashes the Yelpers. Turns out the owner was horribly abusive towards the haters on Yelp, messaging them repeatedly and accusing them of being the competition. At one point the owner even threatened to report one Yelper to the hate crime division of the LAPD. A "community manager" from Yelp was even on-hand.

Later, Ramsay invites an angry hoard of hungry bloggers. "Tonight, you have a second chance... It's not only real tonight, but I have filled this restaurant with serious bloggers," said Ramsay. "Coming to dine tonight: Yelp, Tasting Table, Chow, UrbanSpoon, Serious Eats LA, and Blackboard Eats." The bloggers, as expected, sent everything back (kidding). Watch:

Video: A Yelp Conspiracy

Video: Unleash the Yelpers!

Video: Tonight: Bloggers

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Burger Kitchen

8048 West 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90048