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Here's a Thoroughly Annotated Slideshow of The Simpsons Food Episode

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Last night in the food-heavy episode of The Simpsons, "The Food Wife," Marge, Lisa, and Bart Simpson start a food blog. It made some, uh, unsavory parallels between the food-obsessed and depraved video game fanatics. Also: meth addicts. The preview clips gave a lot away — but there were lots of quick stills and in-jokes — so here's a pretty thorough guide in case you missed it.

There were guest voice stars: Anthony Bourdain (rocking Birkenstocks), Mario Batali, and Gordon Ramsay. And food-world references galore: sriracha and sous-vide jokes; Wylie Dufresne, Frank Bruni, Ruth Reichl, Gourmet magazine (rechristened as Gourmez), Charlie Trotter ("Charlie's Trotters, one of the "Grossest Foods Bart Has Eaten"), Tom Colicchio (being rejected on the show Iron Cook), a dream sequence with cameos by Paul Prudhomme, the Swedish Chef, Julia Child, Guy Fieri, Colonel Sanders, and Wolfgang Puck; and an homage to the Pixar film Ratatouille.

And don't miss the Jose Andres-like character at Springfield's hottest new restaurant, El Chemistri, making dishes like a deconstructed Caesar salad. There was also a course called "Regret" that requires tears from the servers, and "Root vegetable cooked in the perfect vaccuum of outer space." (Video of that is below.)

And finally, the two-part rap song — "Bloggin' a Food Blog" by Tim and Eric (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job fame) — that includes lines like "I'll be frank like Bruni/Ruthless like Reichl/Wiley like Dufresne/and when I take the mike/I'll rhyme about radicchio/criticize Colicchio." (Video of that is also below.) Hop to it:

Video: The Simpsons Rap 1

Video: The Simpsons Rap 2

Video: Jose Andres/Meth Lab

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