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2011 New Yorker Food Issue: Foraging With Redzepi

The annual New Yorker food issue dropped today — see last year's issue here — and it's filled with all kinds of food goodness. Adam Gopnik on Thanksgiving, an "I Foraged With René Redzepi" piece by Jane Kramer, and a whole section on Secret Ingredients (one of which is guinea pig poop, as a fertilizer).

Below, the goods; many are subscription only, but there are some freebies in there as well.

New Yorker Food Issue, 2011
· The First Served by Adam Gopnik
· Video: John Seabrook on Better Fruit
· The Food at Our Feet by Jane Kramer
· Secret Ingredients: Control by Dana Spiotta
· Review: Buvette by Shauna Lyon

New Yorker Food Issue, 2011, Subscription Only Articles
· Crunch: Building a Better Apple by John Seabrook
· The King's Meal: Repasts of the Past by Lauren Collins
· My Repertoire: Notes of a Summer Chef by Calvin Trillin
· Sacred Grounds: A Revolution in Coffee by Kelefa Sanneh
· Secret Ingredients: Heirlooms by Paul Theroux
· Secret Ingredients: My Father's Yaji by Mohammed Naseehu Ali
· Secret Ingredients: Pine Nuts by Judith Thurman
· Secret Ingredients: Ringo's Gold by Louise Erdrich

· The Food Issue [New Yorker]
· All Food Media Coverage on Eater [-E-]

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