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The Eater Awards 2011 Winners, From Coast to Coast

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It is time now to announce the winners of the 2011 Eater Awards, presented by Patrón Tequila. In over 50 categories spanning thirteen cities, the winners comprise a diverse bunch of the finest and most interesting chefs, operators, and characters in the country. We applaud them. You are hereby instructed to applaud them. So, without further ado—actually, a few quick pre-ambling thoughts...

To recap, Eater's local editors in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami nominated candidates for five major local categories: Restaurant of the Year, So Hot Right Now Restaurant, Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, and Best Bathroom. Eater readers then voted to narrow the field to a final three in each category. From that final three, the Eater editorial team chose the winner. Winners were then moved up to a national round to select the best of all the land. In very rare cases, we exercised Rule 17, Sub. 19, which allows for veto of the popular vote. (This rule was used just once in 2010.) In addition to these main stage winners, said Eater editorial team has named worthy winners in more specialized categories, for myriad notable achievements.

Nominees and winners alike will be feted at a party tonight in Manhattan. Those winners that couldn't make it should watch their mail for packages containing cans of Italian peeled tomatoes. And now, for real, without further ado, the winners:


Restaurant of the Year, National
Nominees: The Dutch (New York), Birch & Barley (DC), Sustain Restaurant + Bar (Miami), One Eared Stag (Atlanta), Commander's Palace (New Orleans), Next (Chicago), Cane Rosso (Dallas), Feast (Houston), Barley Swine (Austin), Red Medicine (LA), Sons & Daughters (SF), St. Jack (PDX), Canlis (Seattle)
Winner: Next (Chicago)

Chef of the Year, National
Nominees: Harold Dieterle (New York), Jose Andres (DC), E. Michael Reidt (Miami), Guy Wong (Atlanta), Alon Shaya (New Orleans), Sarah Grueneberg (Chicago), Brian Luscher (Dallas), Roberto Castre (Houston), Paul Qui (Austin), David LeFevre (LA), Dominique Crenn (SF), Greg Denton (PDX), Brian McCracken & Dana Tough (Seattle)
Winner: Jose Andres (DC)

Bartender of the Year, National
Nominees: Maxwell Britten (New York), Jeff Faile (DC), John Lermayer (Miami), David Durnell (Atlanta), Chris Hannah (New Orleans), Craig Schoettler (Chicago), Gabe Sanchez (Dallas), Chris Frankel (Houston), Chauncey James (Austin), Julian Cox (LA), Jayson Wilde (SF), Tommy Klus (PDX), Jamie Boudreau (Seattle)
Winner: Craig Schoettler, The Aviary (Chicago)

So Hot Right Now, National
Nominees: Red Farm (New York), Toki Underground (DC), Tudor House (Miami), No. 246 (Atlanta), Sylvain (New Orleans), Telegraph (Chicago), Komali (Dallas), El Gran Malo (Houston), Contigo (Austin), ink. (LA), Mission Chinese Food (SF), Wafu (PDX), Canon (Seattle)
Winner: Mission Chinese Food (SF)

Best Bathroom, National
Nominees: The Boom Boom Room (New York), Proof (DC), Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Miami), Holeman and Finch Public House (Atlanta), Pal's Lounge (New Orleans), Ruxbin (Chicago), Neighborhood Services Tavern (Dallas), BRC Gastropub (Houston), Donn's Depot (Austin), Hamburger Mary's (LA), Bushi-tei (SF), Departure (PDX), Canon (Seattle)
Winner: Proof (DC)

Spectacle of the Year
We couldn't tear our eyes away from this one:
Nominees: 2-Star Michelin London Restaurant Workers Fight Back Looters, M Wells, LA Times Critic Irene Virbila Outed by Red Medicine, Austin Pants Meat, The Canlis Hunt
Winner: LA Times Critic Outing by Red Medicine

Television Personality of the Year
For the person whose year in television appearances was most prolific, epic, or otherwise distinguished.
Nominees: Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) Eric Ripert (Avec Eric), Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods), Jamie Oliver (Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution), Richard Blais (Top Chef All Stars, Blais Off)
Winner: Anthony Bourdain

Video Interlude of the Year
Dude, did you see this video?
Nominees: Coffee Snobs, Portlandia Chicken, Portlandia Chef Photo Shoot, South Park Food Network, Aziz Ansari, In-N-Out Crying, Grant Achatz Duck Press
Winner: Aziz Ansari ("Fried chicken is fry-fry chicky-chick, chicken parm is chicky-chicky parm-parm.")

Twitter Personality of the Year
Presented to the person whos show is best viewed at 140 characters long.
Nominees: @chefjoseandres, @ruthreichl, @ruthbourdain, @reneredzepinoma, @davidchang, @altonbrown
Winner: @reneredzepinoma (Rene Redzepi)

Marcus Samuelsson Fameball of the Year
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... oh, it's just that guy.
Nominees: Marcus Samuelsson, Fabio Viviani, Todd English, Anthony Bourdain
Winner: Fabio Viviani

Special Judges Award For Merit
Winner: Ryan Sutton, The Bad Deal/The Price Hike

=== NEW YORK ===

Restaurant of the Year, New York
Nominees: Romera, The Dutch, Red Rooster, Fedora, Brooklyn Fare, Le Bernardin
Winner: The Dutch

So Hot Right Now, New York
Nominees: Red Farm, Tertulia, Miss Lily's, St. Anselm, Pulqueria
Winner: Red Farm

Chef of the Year, New York
Nominees: Shaun Hergatt (Sho Shaun Hergatt), April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, The John Dory Oyster Bar), Harold Dieterle (Kin Shop, Perilla), Andrew Carmellini (The Dutch, Locanda Verde), Cesar Ramirez (Brooklyn Fare), Christina Tosi (Momofuku Milk Bar)
Winner: Harold Dieterle (Kin Shop, Perilla)

Bartender of the Year, New York
Nominees: Naren Young (Saxon & Parole), Brian Miller (Lani Kai), Maxwell Britten (Maison Premiere), Joaquin Simo (Death and Co), Jim Kearns (Peels)
Winner: Maxwell Britten (Maison Premiere)

Best Bathroom, New York
Nominees: Peep, Smith & Mills, The Boom Boom Room, Quality Meats, Lyon, Morimoto
Winner: The Boom Boom Room

Empire Builders of the Year, New York
Winner: Dave Chang & Christina Tosi

Comeback of the Year, New York
Winner: Seamus Mullen

Shitshow of the Year, New York
Winner: Romera

Spectacle of the Year, New York
Winner: M Wells

Toughest Door of the Year, New York
Nominees: The Boom Boom Room, Provocateur, Electric Room, Ph-D, Westway, Cabin Down Below
Winner: Electric Room

Best Cebicheria in a former Danny Meyer Restaurant, New York
Winner: La Mar Cebicheria


Chef of the Year, DC
Nominees: José Andrés (Think Food Group), Scott Drewno (The Source), Haidar Karoum (Proof, Estadio), Kyle Bailey (Birch & Barley), Cathal Armstrong (Eat Good Food group), Todd Gray (Equinox, Watershed)
Winner: José Andrés (Think Food Group)

Restaurant of the Year, DC
Nominees: Estadio, Palena, The Source, Birch & Barley, Bourbon Steak, Graffiato
Winner: Birch & Barley

Restaurant Bathroom, DC
Nominees: Estadio, Proof, Comet Ping Pong, Mie N Yu, Zola, Lyon Hall
Winner: Proof

Bartender of the Year, DC
Nominees: Adam Bernbach (Proof), Derek Brown (The Passenger, Columbia Room), Jeff Faile (Fiola), Gina Chersevani (PS 7's), Owen Thomson (Think Food Group), Chantal Tseng (Tabard Inn), Dan Searing (Room 11)
Winner: Jeff Faile (Fiola)

So Hot Right Now, DC
Nominees: Graffiato, Toki Underground, Shake Shack, America Eats Tavern, Pearl Dive Oyster Palace/Black Jack, Fiola, Virtue Feed & Grain
Winner: Toki Underground

Empire-Builder, DC
Nominees: José Andrés (Think Food Group), Jeff Black (Black Restaurant Group), Michael Landrum (Ray's the Steaks, Ray's Hell Burger, Ray's to the Third), Cathal Armstrong (Eat Good Food group), Michel Richard (Citronelle, Central, Michel), Jeff Tunks, Gus DiMillo, David Wizenberg (Passion Food Hospitality)
Winner: Jeff Black (Black Restaurant Group)

=== MIAMI ===

Restaurant of the Year, Miami
Nominees: NAOE, Pubbelly, 1500 Degrees, Sustain Restaurant + Bar, Zuma
Winner: Sustain Restaurant + Bar

So Hot Right Now, Miami
Nominees: Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Harry's Pizzeria, Tudor House, Phuc Yea!, Barceloneta .
Winner: Tudor House

Chef of the Year, Miami
Nominees: Alberto Cabrera (The Local), Paula DaSilva (1500 Degrees), Makoto Okuwa (Makoto), Todd Erickson (Haven), Joel Huff (Azul), Gabriel Fenton (Bourbon Steak), E. Michael Reidt (Area 31), Kevin Cory (NAOE), Jimmy Carey (Jimmy'z Wynwood, Jimmy'z), Josh Marcus (Chow Down Grill, Chow Down South Beach), Jeff McInnis (ex Gigi, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar), Peter Vauthy (Red, The Steakhouse Miami Beach)
Winner: E. Michael Reidt (Area 31)

Bartender of the Year, Miami
Nominees: John Lermayer (Florida Room), Camille Austin (Hakkasan), Julio Cabrera (National Hotel), Gabe Orta (W South Beach), Paul Sevigny (The Florida Room), Elad Zvi (W South Beach)
Winner: John Lermayer (Florida Room)

Bathroom of the Year, Miami
Nominees: The Forge, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Winner: Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Empire Builder of the Year, Miami
Nominees: Michael Schwartz, Michelle Bernstein, Pubbelly Group, Richard Hales (Sakaya Kitchen)
Winner: Richard Hales, Sakaya Kitchen

=== ATLANTA ===

Restaurant of the Year, Atlanta
Nominees: One Eared Stag, No. 246, Empire State South, Miso Izakaya, Lunacy Black Market
Winner: One Eared Stag

So Hot Right Now, Atlanta
Nominees: Cakes & Ale, One Eared Stag, No. 246, HD1, Tomo
Winner: No. 246

Chef of the Year, Atlanta
Nominees: Robert Phalen (One Eared Stag), Ryan Smith (Empire State South), Billy Allin (Cakes & Ale), Paul Luna (Lunacy Black Market), Guy Wong (Miso Izakaya)
Winner: Guy Wong (Miso Izakaya)

Bartender of the Year, Atlanta
Nominees: Greg Best (Holeman and Finch), Paul Calvery (Pura Vida), Miles Macquarrie (Leon's Full Service), Jerry Slater, (H. Harper Station), David Durnell (Bocado)
Winner: David Durnell (Bocado)

Bathroom of the Year, Atlanta
Nominees: The Family Dog, Tap, Holeman and Finch Public House, Nan Thai Fine Dining, One Midtown Kitchen
Winner: Holeman and Finch Public House


Restaurant of the Year, New Orleans
Nominees: Cochon, Boucherie, Herbsaint, Dominique's on Magazine, Commander's Palace
Finalists: Cochon, Herbsaint, Commander's Palace
Winner: Commander's Palace

So Hot Right Now, New Orleans
Nominees: The Company Burger, Ancora, Sylvain, Ste. Marie, The Three Muses
Finalists: Ancora, Sylvain, The Company Burger
Winner: Sylvain

Chef of the Year, New Orleans
Nominees: Alex Harrell (Sylvain), Scott Boswell (Stella!), Nathanial Zimet (Boucherie), Alon Shaya (Domenica), Daniel Esses (The Three Muses)
Winner: Alon Shaya (Domenica)

Bartender of the Year, New Orleans
Nominees: T Cole Newton (Twelve Mile Limit), Sean Thibodaux (Loa/Cure), Rhiannon Enlil (Cure), Chris Hannah (French 75), Chris McMillian (Bar Uncommon), Jason Lee (Domenica)
Finalists: Chris Hannah (French 75), Chris McMillian (Bar Uncommon), Jason Lee (Domenica)
Winner: Chris Hannah (French 75)

Bathroom of the Year
Nominees: Pal's Lounge, Garden District Pub, Eiffel Society, Snake and Jake's
Finalists: Pal's Lounge, Snake and Jake's
Winner: Pal's Lounge

=== CHICAGO ===

Restaurant of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Next, Maude's Liquor Bar, NoMI Kitchen, Alinea, Girl & The Goat, Henri, Perennial Virant
Winner: Next

So Hot Right Now, Chicago
Nominees: Telegraph, Autre Monde, GT Fish & Oyster, The Pump Room, Paris Club, Next, Vera
Winner: Telegraph

Chef of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Grant Achatz (Alinea, Next), Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), Dave Beran (Next), Dirk Flanigan (Henri), Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia), Jeff Pikus (Maude's Liquor Bar), Edward Kim (Ruxbin)
Winner: Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia)

Bartender of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Brad Bolt (Bar DeVille), Lynn House (Blackbird), Revae Schneider (Femme du Coupe), Charles Joly (The Drawing Room), Debbi Peek (The Bristol), Mike Ryan (Sable Kitchen & Bar), Craig Schoettler (The Aviary), Stephen Cole (Barrelhouse Flat)
Winner: Craig Schoettler (The Aviary)

Best Bathroom, Chicago
Nominees: Ruxbin, The Bedford, Quartino, Longman & Eagle, The Publican, Wave/W Lakeshore, 2Sparrows
Winner: Ruxbin

Empire Builders of the Year, Chicago
Winner: Kevin Boehm & Rob Katz, The Boka Restaurant Group

=== DALLAS ===

Restaurant of the Year, Dallas
Nominees: Lucia, Neighborhood Services Bar and Grill, Smoke, Cafe Momentum Pop-Up Dinners, Cane Rosso, The Grape, Fearing's
Winner: Cane Rosso

So Hot Right Now, Dallas
Nominees: Komali, Oddfellows, Private Social, Terilli's, Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine, Dough Pizzeria
Winner: Komali

Chef of the Year, Dallas
Nominees: Jon Bonnell (Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine), Chef Jonathon Erdeljac (Jonathon's), Tim Byres (Smoke), Sharon Hage (York Street, Cafe Momentum), Nicole Van Camp (Nana, Bolsa, pop-ups), Brady Williams (Oddfellows), David Anthony Temple (ChefDAT dinners, Twenty-Seven), Jeff Harris (Craft, RedFork, Bolsa), David Uygur (Lucia)
Winner: Brian Luscher (The Grape)

Bartender of the Year, Dallas
Nominees: Eddie "Lucky" Campbell (Bailey's Prime Plus), Michael Martensen (Cedars Social), Gabe Sanchez (Black Swan Saloon), Rocco Milano (Private Social, The Mansion), Sean Conner (Whiskey Cake), Dub Davis (Marquee Bar and Grill), David "Tiki Dave" Mayer (The Usual), Leann Berry (Komali)
Winner: Gabe Sanchez (Black Swan Saloon)

Best Bathroom, Dallas
Nominees: Tei-An, Neighborhood Services Tavern, Stephan Pyles
Winner: Neighborhood Services Tavern

Empire Builders of the Year, Dallas
Winner: Christopher Jeffers and Chris Zielke

=== HOUSTON ===

Restaurant of the Year, Houston
Nominees: Pondicheri, Feast, Hugo's, Vic & Anthony's, Benjy's (The Original), Xuco Xicana
Winner: Feast

So Hot Right Now, Houston
Nominees: Coppa Ristorante, Sorrel Urban Bistro, El Real Tex-Mex, Brasserie 19, El Gran Malo, The Modular (Food Truck), Revival Market, Hubcap Grill (Heights)
Winner: El Gran Malo

Chef of the Year, Houston
Nominees: Brandi Key (Coppa Ristorante Italiano), Roberto Castre (Latin Bites), Rebecca Masson (Fluff Bake Bar), Chris Leung (conat), Erin Smith (Plonk Bistro), Justin Bayse (Les Sauvages), Harold Wong (Azuma Sushi & Robata), Jonathan Jones (Beaver's)
Winner: Roberto Castre (Latin Bites)

Bartender of the Year, Houston
Nominees: Rob Harvey (Plonk!), Chris Frankel (Anvil), Karen Racine (Absinthe & Community Bar), Jeremy Shapiro (Char Bar), Justin Burrow (Fitzgerald's, Haven), Brandee Boyle (Grand Prize Bar)
Winner: Chris Frankel (Anvil)

Best Bathroom, Houston
Nominees: Straits, Stella Sola, BRC Gastropub, Wonder Bar, America's River Oaks
Winner: BRC Gastropub

=== AUSTIN ===

Restaurant of the Year, Austin
Nominees: La Condesa, Uchi, Barley Swine, Uchiko, Foreign and
Domestic, parkside, Congress
Winner: Barley Swine

So Hot Right Now, Austin
Nominees: Franklin Barbecue, Contigo, Bacon, JMueller BBQ,
Barley Swine, Noble Pig, Justine's
Winner: Contigo

Chef of the Year, Austin
Nominees: Shawn Cirkiel (parkside), Tyson Cole (Uchi, Uchiko),
Paul Qui (Uchiko), David Bull (Congress), James Holmes (Olivia), Josh
Watkins (The Carillon), Bryce Gilmore (Barley Swine), Rene Ortiz (La
Winner: Paul Qui (Uchiko)

Bartender of the Year, Austin
Nominees: David Alan (Tipsy Texan), Pam Pritchard (Tigress),
Josh Loving (FINO), Bill Norris (Alamo Draft House), Houston Eaves
(Contigo), Chauncey James (East Side Showroom), Adam Bryan (2nd Bar,
Bar Congress), Lara Nixon (Tigress/Bad Dog Bar Craft)
Winner: Chauncey James (East Side Showroom)

Best Bathroom, Austin
Nominees: Bartlett's, Paggi House, Donn's Depot, Lamberts,
Vivo, Athenian Grill, Perry's Steakhouse, Headliners Club
Winner: Donn's Depot

Food Truck of the Year, Austin
Nominees: East Side King, Peached Tortilla, Odd Duck,
Cazamance, Chi'lantro, Bits & Druthers, JMueller BBQ, Rosie's Al
Winner: Peached Tortilla


Restaurant of the Year, Los Angeles
Nominees: Picca, Son of a Gun, Red Medicine, Eveleigh, Farmshop
Winner: Red Medicine

So Hot Right Now, Los Angeles
Nominees: Mercato di Vetro, ink., Picca, Maximiliano, The Churchill, Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air
Winner: ink.

Chef of the Year, Los Angeles
Nominees: Ricardo Zarate (Picca), Michael Voltaggio (ink.), Laurent Quenioux, David LeFevre (MB Post), Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo (Animal, Son of a Gun), Nancy Silverton (Short Order, Mozza)
Winner: David LeFevre (MB Post)

Bartender of the Year, Los Angeles
Nominees: Pablo Moix (Black Market), Julian Cox (Sotto, Picca, Short Order), Matt Biancaniello (Library Bar), Aidan Demarest (Neat), Naomi Schimek (The Spare Room), David Kupchinsky (Eveleigh)
Winner: Julian Cox (Sotto, Picca, Short Order)

Best Bathroom, Los Angeles
Nominees: Ozumo, The Bazaar, Hamburger Mary's, Michael's, Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air, Bouchon
Winner: Hamburger Mary's


Restaurant of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Sons & Daughters, Michael Mina, Mission Chinese Food, Commonwealth, Cotogna, Benu
Winner: Sons & Daughters

So Hot Right Now, San Francisco
Nominees: Locanda, Park Tavern, Mission Chinese Food, Boxing Room, Umami Burger, Nojo
Winner: Mission Chinese Food

Chef of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), Daniel Patterson (Coi, Plum), Corey Lee (Benu), Thomas Keller (The French Laundry, Ad Hoc), Elizabeth Falkner (Citizen Cake Ice Cream Parlor & Eats), Charles Phan (Wo Hing General Store), Mourad Lahlou (Aziza)
Winner: Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn)

Bartender of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Kevin Diedrich (Jasper's Corner Tap), Scott Beattie (Plum Bar), David Curiel (The Hideout at Dalva), Jayson Wilde (The Wilson), Jason "Buffalo" LoGrasso (Quince/Cotogna)
Winner: Jayson Wilde (The Wilson)

Best Bathroom, San Francisco
Nominees: Gitane, Bushi-tei, 18 Reasons, Triptych, RN74
Winner: Bushi-tei

Empire Builders of the Year, San Francisco
Winner: Charles Phan (Wo Hing General Store)

=== PORTLAND, OR ===

Restaurant of the Year, Portland
Nominees: St. Jack, Natural Selection, DOC, Little Bird Bistro, Olympic Provisions NW
Winner: St. Jack

So Hot Right Now, Portland
Nominees: Bluehour, The Woodsman Tavern, Wafu, Salt & Straw, The Bent Brick
Winner: Wafu

Chef of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Aaron Barnett (St. Jack), Gregory Denton (Metrovino), Jobie Bailey (DOC), Aaron Woo (Natural Selection) Gabriel Rucker (Little Bird/Le Pigeon), Trent
Pierce (Wafu/Fin)
Winner: Greg Denton (Metrovino)

Bartender of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Adam Robinson (The Bent Brick), Tommy Klus (Kask), Mike Shea (The Rum Club), Kyle Webster (St. Jack), Matt Brown (Bunk Bar)
Winner: Tommy Klus (Kask)

Best Bathroom, Portland
Nominees: Ned Ludd, Doug Fir Lounge, Saucebox, Salt & Straw, Departure
Winner: Departure

Empire Builder of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Kurt Huffman (ChefStable), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok empire), Duane Sorenson (Stumptown), Tommy Habetz & Nick Wood (Bunk), Micah Camden (Little Big Burger)
Winner: Kurt Huffman (ChefStable)

=== SEATTLE ===

Restaurant of the Year, Seattle
Nominees: Walrus and the Carpenter, Willows Inn, Madison Park Conservatory, Revel, Canlis
Winner: Canlis

So Hot Right Now, Seattle
Nominees: Canon, The Coterie Room, RN74, Ba Bar, Bar del Corso
Winner: Canon

Chef of the Year, Seattle
Nominees: Jason Franey (Canlis), Jerry Corso (Bar del Corso), Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi (Joule and Revel), Blaine Wetzel (Willow Inn)
Winner: Brian McCracken & Dana Tough (Coterie Room, Tavern Law, Spur)

Bartender of the Year, Seattle
Nominees: Murray Stenson (Canon), Evan Martin (Ba Bar), Erik Hakkinen (Zig Zag), Anu Apte (Rob Roy)
Winner: Jamie Boudreau (Canon)

Best Bathroom, Seattle
Nominees: Canlis, Company, Artusi, Diamond Knot Alehouse, Five Point
Winner: Canon

Empire Builder of the Year, Seattle
Nominees: Tom Douglas, Ethan Stowell, Molly Moon Neitzel
Winner: Laura Olson

The Eater Awards 2011 would not be possible not only without presenting sponsor Patrón Tequila but also the event's product sponsors—Seamless, Organic Valley, USA Pears, Sixpoint Craft Ales, Whole Foods, Pat LaFrieda, Forever Cheese, and Sokol Blosser—and participating restaurants—Mission Chinese, Cookshop, Franklin BBQ, Baohaus, flour + water, Beast, Pok Pok, Red Farm, and Marble Lane. We salute them all.

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