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BataliGate Day Two: The Internet Backlash Continues

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Despite having apologized for comments comparing bankers to Stalin and Hitler, the internet backlash against Mario Batali rages on. Yelpers have been dropping one-star reviews for his New York restaurants; the #BoycottBatali and #BataliGate hashtags on Twitter are blowing up; financial types are trashing his restaurants on Bloomberg terminals; and bankers are bad-mouthing the chef in the Wall Street Journal: "I must have spent more than $5,000 on his stupid black truffles over the years, and now he says I'm Hitler?!"

What next, a public burning of his books and/or his trademark orange clogs? At least his celebrity friends like Rachael Ray and Michael Ruhlman have his back. Hit the above slideshow for a brief exploration of the digital #BoycotBatali hysteria, and read more below:

While Yelp ostensibly does not allow reviews that have nothing to do with, you know, actually eating at a restaurant, the ratings for Batali's New York restaurants Babbo and Del Posto have taken a bit of a beating since BataliGate began. Two Yelp users in particular, James P and Steve G, seem to be leaving generically bad reviews on the restaurants, but a (since removed) ad by one Joe D. doesn't mess around with the fakery, calling Batali "idiocy in orange crocs."

· @secupp, conservative commentator: "Batali compares Wall St bankers to Hitler. Does he think the OWS crowd were the ones eating his $80 white truffle duck eggs?"
· @BretEastonEllis, author: "Mario Batali being forced to apologize for his benign Hitler/Stalin comment, and becoming another Free Speech victim? Totally sickening..."
· @grossdm, business/economy blogger: "Batali should put together tasting menu for bankers: chicken pol pot pie: mussolini marinara: great terror-misu"
· @MatthewCurrie, professional astrologer: "Bankers don't understand why people hate bankers? You guys don't need another gourmet meal -- you need to look out your window."

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