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Starbucks Unleashes Holiday Cups Day After Halloween

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[Photo: weehopper / Instagram]

Did you wake up this morning feeling slightly festive? Just a bit cheerier than usual? Or even, gasp, merry? Perhaps that's because the day after Halloween means one thing to America's caffeine driven consumerist culture: the red cups are back at Starbucks, baby.

This year's crop features slogans like "When we're together, every day is a snow day," "When we're together, I know I'll never fall," and "When we're together, snowmen come to life." (Hopefully not really.) Also, is that a Guy Fawkes-inspired nutcracker? The cups mean the return of holiday drinks like the gingerbread latte and their Thanksgiving coffee blend.

People get really excited about the red cups; there's even a website dedicated to counting down to their release. It's a little off, but it seems some stores jumped the gun on the official November 3 release.

And on Twitter, people are losing their damn minds. "Its offish the holiday season," says @KendraDawn09. "I live every moment of my life in anticipation of this," says @Lindsey_CBSNJ. There are, of course, some dissenters: "It's only Nov 1st, can't they make a Turkey cup?" Happy holidays, Starbucks Nation.

Update: A Starbucks rep writes in to say "The official launch of Starbucks Holiday in the US is November 15 (not November 3)— though customers may begin seeing red cups in stores prior to the official launch day." So there you go.

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