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On South Park, Cartman Burger Serves Up Ass Burgers

On last night's episode of South Park, Stan was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and Cartman wanted to get in on that action. Misinterpreting it as "Ass Burger Syndrome," Cartman cooks up some hamburgers and puts them in his pants trying to get out of school. Turns out the burgers were delicious, so he did what any enterprising youth might do: He started a new business called Cartman Burger. It included a "secret last process booth."

The corporate fast food cartel quickly feels declining sales and plots against him. Said a McDonald's representative: "It's as if he's somehow taking all the ingredients of our food, breaking them down into some kind of gas, and then somehow infusing that gas into his hamburger. What kind of instrument could he be using to do this?" Here are the best bits:

Video: Cartman Cooks Burgers

Video: Cartman Burger Begins

Video: Corporate Plotting

Video: The Final Battle

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