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French Schools Ban Le Ketchup to Protect Kids

Amora, a French brand of ketchup.
Amora, a French brand of ketchup.
Photo: sixmilliondollardan / Flickr

French kids better start hoarding ketchup packets in their lockers, because America's favorite condiment is about to be rationed in schools in an effort to force them to start appreciating French culture, damn it. The Los Angeles Times reports that ketchup will now only be available with French fries, which will only be offered once a week.

In addition to the ketchup lock down, a French decree states that schools must begin offering four to five dishes daily. Meals must include a starter or a dessert as well as a cheese or yogurt course, as well as unlimited baguettes.

The reasons for the changes are nutritional — it is estimated that less than half of French children get enough dairy at home — as well as cultural. Jacques Hazan, president of the Federation of School Pupils' and College Students' Parents Councils, notes that many of the changes reflect French heritage: "Food is very important here and we can't have children eating any old thing."

According to the Times, the changes are also partially an effort to fight obesity. Clearly, the French have different ideas about food than Michelle Obama and her socialist salad bars.

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