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Here's a Club Receipt For a $100K Bottle of Champagne

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Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

[Photo: CBS]

Quick: you see Zac Efron and Heather Graham in a club, what do you do? Well, if you're one anonymous Russian billionaire, you send over a $100,000 bottle of champagne. Sure, why not?

According to CBS, Efron and Graham received a Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac from, shall we say, a fan of means at Chicago club Board Room on Tuesday. The wine is so expensive it has a nickname: the Ace of Spades. Also, whoever the guy was, he left his server a $22,000 tip. Check out the full receipt (the other bottles the guy bought weren't exactly cheap, either) below:


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Board Room

343 W Erie, Chicago, IL

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