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Spicy Curry Contest Puts Two in Scottish Hospital

The competition.
The competition.
Photo: Deadline

Well this is just brilliant: according to STV News, two people went to the ER after a spicy curry eating competition in Edinburgh. Kismot Restaurant held the contest, which starts contestants at some sort of reasonable spice level and then moves them through progressively hotter curries until they reach the Kismot Killer. That should have been everyone's first clue: don't eat anything that doesn't bother to hide the fact that eating it could be fatal. Below, the disclaimer customers have to sign before when ordering the Killer. Can't say they weren't warned?

You are totally aware that you are having probably the world’s hottest curry.

Kismot Restaurant will take no responsibilities for the bodily functions after you eat the curry.

If you die whilst eating or as a direct result of eating the curry, members of the table with share the cost of your Kismot Killer.

If you become ill due to the Kismot Killer or if you find that you are experiencing any problems with your lover(s) then under no circumstances are you entitled to blame Kismot Restaurant or any members of its staff.

The Kismot Killer curry is free if you completely finish eating it by yourself. If you complete the Kismot Killer curry you will receive a certificate of completion and we will take a photograph of you to put it on our Hall of Fame section of our website. If you fail our Hall of Shame awaits!

For your own well being we highly recommend that you immediately put your toilet roll in the freezer when you get home.


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