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Insufferable Coffee Snobs Parodied by Funny or Die

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Man, coffee snobs are just the worst. At least the pretentious baristas in this Funny or Die sketch are also funny: for example, when a patron ask for a caramel macchiato, the coffee shop worker responds: "Am I wearing a green apron? Do you hear Ray LaMontagne playing right now? Are there a bunch of pre-made sandwiches and hard boiled eggs in that case? Are there a bunch of homeless people waiting in line to use the bathroom?" Burn. It's like the hipster barista, come to life.

It should be noted that the director of this sketch, Eric Appel, and comedians Johanna Parker and Tricia McAlpin are also responsible for Funny or Die's insufferable Yelpers sketch. Do watch until the end when a customer brings in a Starbucks cup. Here's the video:

Update: Word is the video was shot at Cognoscenti Coffee @ Proof Bakery in Atwater, CA.

Video: Coffee Snobs

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Cognoscenti Coffee

3156 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA