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Are These the Top Food and Wine Travel Destinations?

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Royal Blend Coffee & Tea, New Orleans.
Royal Blend Coffee & Tea, New Orleans.
Photo: Alex Hancock / Eater NOLA

Probably you need a vacation, and if you maybe want to eat good food and drink nice wine while you're on it, consider the places on TripAdvisor's Food and Wine Destinations lists. The lists cover the top ten destinations in the US and in Europe as determined by the "millions of real and unbiased reviews" on TripAdvisor's website. Yes, every single one of the millions of reviews on TripAdvisor are certainly all real and definitely unbiased.

Anyway, New Orleans is number one in the States, while Florence get the top nod in Europe. (Suck on that, Paris.) Here are the lists:

2011 Travelers’ Choice Food and Wine U.S. Destinations:
1. New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Napa, California
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Charleston, South Carolina
5. San Francisco, California
6. New York City, New York
7. Savannah, Georgia
8. Santa Fe, New Mexico
9. Las Vegas, Nevada
10. Asheville, North Carolina

2011 Travelers’ Choice Food and Wine Europe Destinations:
1. Florence, Italy
2. Paris, France
3. Rome, Italy
4. Sorrento, Italy
5. York, England
6. Siena, Italy
7. Bologna, Italy
8. San Sebastian, Spain
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Edinburgh, Scotland

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