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Watch Guys Chug Ranch Dressing For Free Sandwiches

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A Cheba Hut in Eugene, Oregon held a contest this weekend to see who could chug 32 ounces of ranch dressing the fastest; the winner received $300 and free subs for a year. Congratulations? The whole thing is not unlike this weekend's Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test sketch on Saturday Night Live. Wonder if the Cheba Hut competitors also picked up on the subtle ranch dressing flavors in the ranch dressing?

Cheba Hut, by the way, is a West Coast sub shop chain that's marijuana themed: their subs, which are advertised as "toasted," have names like "The Shwag," "The Chronic," "The White Widow," and "The Sticky Icky" (that last one is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Below, if you can stomach it, is a video of the contest as well as the SNL sketch.

Video: Chugging Ranch Dressing for $300

Video: Saturday Night Live Taste Test

· Chugging Ranch Dressing for $300 [YouTube]
· Cheba Hut [Official Site]

Cheba Hut

339 East 11th Avenue, Eugene, OR