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You Can Now Carry Concealed Guns in Ohio Bars

An unconcealed gun at a bar.
An unconcealed gun at a bar.
Photo: AP

Phew: residents of Ohio are now allowed to bring concealed guns into "bars, restaurants, stadiums and other places that serve beer, wine and liquor," provided they have the appropriate permits. In the end, it's up to the restaurant or bar, but considering the number of deer that go rampaging through bars in Ohio, it's probably in everyone's best interest that customers be armed.

So what do the good people of Ohio think about this? Well, according to the local news report below, "concealed-carry permit holder Bob Holcom welcomes the chance to put on his glock and take it new places." Truly, there is so much of this world one's gun should experience. The reporter also gets a show of hands at the Harp Irish Pub in Cleveland for those for and those against; the anti-gun faction takes it.

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