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Watch Wylie Dufresne Stick Things Together With Meat Glue at Harvard

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Time for Wylie Dufresne of New York's wd~50 to put on his professor cap and go lecture those crazy kids up at Harvard. The topic at hand is transglutaminase, AKA meat glue, but first Dufresne addressed why the mad science of don't-call-it molecular gastronomy attracted him: "I wanted to understand what was happening as I was cooking, and I realized I didn't have a complete education. I knew how to cook things, but I didn't know why I was doing them." Also: "Whoever knows the most when they die, wins. We're trying to win."

Then he describes all different kinds of things you can use meat glue on: meat, duh, but also peanut butter and radishes? As always with these long-winded Ivy League guys, the video below is about an hour and forty minutes long; Dufresne comes on about half an hour in.

Video: Wylie Dufresne at Harvard

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