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Pig: A Restaurant, a Comedy at Upright Citizen's Brigade

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Photo: Sarah Bibi Gainer
Photo: Sarah Bibi Gainer

Last night was the premiere of Pig: A Restaurant at the Upright Citizen's Brigade in New York City, a restaurant-themed single-woman comedy that satirizes the New York restaurant scene and food culture at large. It's from writer Leila Cohan-Miccio (a former editor at Grub Street Boston and co-creator/writer of Vag Magazine) and actress Lauren Conlin Adams (who's worked at restaurants in New York including DB Bistro Moderne, Balthazar, and Morandi).

And this comedy has everything: A chef from Top Chef (a quarter-finalist), a wacked-out publicist, a model/actress/hostess who can't recognize famous chefs, a bad-boy sell-out chef, and a sex-obsessed be-hatted ex-critic. And of course, it's all set in Brooklyn's newest pig-focused hotspot in East Gowanus. Don't miss the familiar-looking website at the end.

If you're a food nerd, you probably want to go to this. There will be performances on November 3rd and 17th (December dates have to yet to be set). Of course it has a Tumblr and a Twitter account.

· Pig: A Restaurant [UCB]