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Courtney Cox Is Working on a 'Skinny Girl' Diner Comedy

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Get ready for some food humor (read: fat jokes). Courtney Cox and David Arquette's production company, Coquette Productions, has reportedly sold an untitled half hour diner sitcom to ABC. The plot is described as follows: "After transforming into a 'skinny girl', a former overeater navigates working with her ex in a diner that caters to people who love to eat." Which, as Vulture notes, sounds an awful lot like the back story to Cox's character on Friends?

Anyway, it seems at some point the show was maybe called Heart Attack Grill, the same as the gimmicky calorie fest chain of restaurants, but no longer. (Guess the name's not so funny now that the chain's spokesman died?) The show will be a single-camera sitcom written by Rob Sheridan, who also writes for the CBS show Mad Love.

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Cox & Arquette. [Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages]

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