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Paula Deen Molests Jay Leno, Makes Meatloaf

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It was once asked on Eater by Joshua David Stein: Is Paula Deen an evil sex fiend succubus? After watching the video below of Deen's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, that may very well be the case. "I just got this terrible urge to kiss you," Deen declares to the unfunny funnyman. "I just got this terrible urge." With her hands covered in raw cheeseburger meatloaf mixture, Deen goes in for the kill. This is not the first time that Paula Deen molested Jay Leno on television, mind you. But this time around, Leno rebuffs her advances. As to the meatloaf: Actual funny person Jonah Hill, when offered a bite, said, "I'm not eating that."

Video: Paula Deen Molests Jay Leno, Makes Meatloaf

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