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José Andrés Offers Basque Separatists Restaurant Jobs

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Chef José Andrés has caused quite the stir after taking to the Twitter and offering members of the Basque separatist group ETA jobs in exchange for leaving violence behind and apologizing to victims. Andrés' gesture was prompted by the nationalist group's recent announcement that, after over forty years, it would abandon terrorism.

After experiencing some measure of backlash, Andrés clarified his stance to El Páis, stating that victims of terrorism should of course receive the most attention, but that those involved with the group "that haven't killed or don't have outstanding business with the law... deserve a chance to re-enter society." He has invited candidates to submit their resumés through the Think Food Group website and assures critics that he has been trying to bring Spaniards to work in the U.S. for years — it's never been limited to etarras.

· Fogones por pistolas [El País via @LisaAbend]
[Photo: Raphael Brion/Eater]