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Eddie Huang Wins Bi-Coastal Bao War vs Chairman Bao

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We have a winner in the bi-coastal bao war started last year between New York's Eddie Huang and San Francisco's Chairman Bao food truck. The truck is dropping the "Bao" and will now be called "The Chairman." Mobi Munch, the truck's owner, claimed that the name change was because of a shift "in direction to include more than just bao," but the press release also avoided mentioning the ongoing trademark battle with Eddie Huang over the "Chairman Bao" name.

Background: Back in May of 2010, the Chairman Bao truck opened in SF and Huang wasn't happy since "Chairman Bao" was also the name of his best-selling pork belly steamed bun sandwich at his NYC restaurant Baohaus. Huang, a friend of Eater, is a chef. But he's also a lawyer, and he had the smarts to trademark the name "Chairman Bao" one day before Mobi Munch tried to trademark it. Mobi Munch challenged the trademark, but after a back and forth with Huang's lawyer, they recently withdrew their challenge and changed the truck's name.

Reached for comment, Huang told Eater:

I would like to thank my attorney James Hsiao. That ninja held me down. Fuck chairman truck and the chef running it. You should have named ur shit bukakke truck but clearly you want to be Chinese. Like our sister accounting firm, the Jews, you got to ask 3 times. All praise be to Allah. Ima go feed my pigeons.

So Eddie Huang wins.

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