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McDonald's McBites: Fine, We'll Sell Popcorn Chicken

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McDonald's, sick of being mocked for serving chicken nuggets made of goo, will start selling their take on popcorn chicken, Chicken McBites, nationwide in 2012. They're like chicken nuggets, only smaller! The new McBites are made from all breast meat and are part of McDonald's plan to grab some business from fried chicken chains like KFC, Popeye's, and Chik-fil-A. Apparently the bites are quite popular; there's an entire website dedicated to them based out of Detroit, one of the McBites' testmarkets.

As BurgerBusiness notes, this is all part of a trend across fast food chains to grab bigger shares of the fried chicken market. Call it the Fast Food Fried Fowl Fight. Other plans include the new dipping sauces launched earlier this year, and giving their premium chicken sandwich line a makeover. In the ad below, KFC defends their position against newcomers like McDonald's, wondering "What part of the chicken is 'nugget?'"

Video: KFC Popcorn Chicken Commercial

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