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Michael Symon Responds to Bourdain on The Chew

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Earlier this week, professional shitstirrer Anthony Bourdain said that he was "shaken" by the new TV series The Chew. He was unable to figure out why Mario Batali and Michael Symon were on the show. "They're the smartest, funniest, best since Julia Child. They had to know what they were getting into," said Bourdain. "The whole world has tilted in a way I don't understand."

Well Michael Symon — all hopped up on the happy pills they put in the water on the set of The Chew — responded on the show. Said Symon:

Speaking of prosciutto, it seems like a ham friend of ours, who likes to throw a little dirt, a friend of mine and Mario's, Tony Bourdain, took a swing at us yesterday... He questioned why we were on the show. And I'm on the show for obvious reasons, I want to cook delicious food, very affordably... you know, we love Tony. He's a great writer. There he is right there, looking spectacular. [points at a photo] A little swollen, but spectacular... He doesn't do a lot of cooking on television, so I'm very happy he leaves that up to us.

Here's video:

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