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GQ Calls Brooklyn 'The Coolest City on the Planet'

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Hot on the heels of Sam Sifton calling Per Se the "best restaurant in New York," today GQ's Alan Richman declared his "best restaurant in New York": the three Michelin-star The Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. And spent a whole paragraph (152 words) explaining why.

This is part of the GQ feature "Brooklyn is the Coolest City on the Planet" — but Brooklyn is not technically a city? Anyway, in the feature, Devin Friedman, Alan Richman, Oliver Strand, and Brendan Vaughan write about things like breakfast, coffee, and "fine-ass dining."

Curiously, last month in a story about M. Wells in Queens, Richman lamented about the sad state of hipster dining: "Here in New York, with our restaurants tumbling into informality, a guest can easily become a casualty of incompetence." So according to the geographically-challenged Alan Richman, Brooklyn: IN. Queens: OUT.

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