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Hugh Acheson's A New Turn In The South

With grace and wit, Hugh Acheson (America’s favorite unibrowed chef) has released a collection of his greatest Southern-inspired recipes in A New Turn In The South, telling the story of his food with colorful, bold dishes for the home cook. Check out this excerpt from his quirky yet alluring introduction:
Southern food presents a special challenge for me: to interpret its nuances, always with respect for the traditions, the land, and the history that fostered it. So this is the food I cook in the South. It is the food born from my time here. The recipes are also a map of how I like to eat: Vegetables take a very prominent role, salads and soups abound, sides are prized, and ?sh and meats are on the simple side?At the end of the day it’s food and you need to enjoy it. If it’s a labor of love that you learn about every day, then you have ?gured out my secret: Food is a beautifully endless topic.

A New Turn In The South is out now from Clarkson Potter. >>>