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Here's a Look at Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor

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Continuing the casual/homecooking trend among this year's crop of cookbooks, Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor that came out this week (buy on Amazon) isn't a cookbook for his New York restaurant The Dutch. It does include recipes for some of the restaurant's dishes, like the White Boy Asian Ribs, but only a few.

Instead, the book is more of a collection of dishes that inspired the "American joint," taken from Carmellini's travels across the country throughout his lifetime. The recipes are inspired by all kinds of sources: a borscht recipe like the one his mom made, a lamb stew recipe from an old Greek roommate, a spam musubi recipe from The Dutch's sous chef, and more. American Flavor, by Carmellini and his wife, Gwen Hyman, is out now from Ecco. Here's an excerpt:

Excerpt from Andrew Carmellini's American Flavor

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