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Stephen Colbert on Food Stamps For Fast Food

Last night Stephen Colbert took on the "Nutri-Nazis at the Gastrostopo" (the USDA) trying to get everyone to eat better. First up, attempts to limit potato consumption in schools. Colbert is particularly concerned about that school lunch tradition, tater tots, disappearing: "If you don't let our children snack on that delicious, golden brown starch bomb, you're taking away the small shred of happiness in the otherwise non-stop hell parade that is being a middle school boy."

Next up, Yum! Brands — which runs Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's and KFC — has applied to be able to accept food stamps. Addressing concerns that the chains largely serve meals made up of empty calories, Colbert comes to the defense of his sponsor, Taco Bell: "If they say they serve food, I will take them at their word." Even if it costs him another Emmy.

Video: School Potato Guidelines & Fast Food Stamps

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