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Jamie Oliver Not a Fan of Shouty, Sweary Chefs

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When it comes to chefs swearing, Jamie Oliver is all like, "Bollocks, you naff arsehole prats!" No, not really, what he actually told the Radio Times was: "I don't like chefs that go round shouting and swearing." Well, that's boring. Wonder who he's talking about? Certainly not a certain shouty, sweary British chef called Gordon Ramsay that Oliver has publicly criticized in the past?

Wait, doesn't Oliver swear sometimes? Yes, but only in documentaries: the British chef has said "there’s a difference between an impassioned rant on a documentary and swearing on a cookery show, which is 'not appropriate.'" Oh, okay. If it's only in documentaries.

Oliver, it should be noted, is a big fan of the word "fuck." Also: assless chaps.

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