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Here's the Cover of the Second Issue of Lucky Peach

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Lucky-Peach-260.jpgMcSweeny's designer Walter Green reports that the second issue of Lucky Peach is safe and sound at the printer. While the first issue was a love letter to ramen, this second one goes a bit more esoteric with "The Sweet Spot" as a theme. Here's a sampling of what David Chang's culinary journal offering up for its second go-round:

· Foam Party! With Ferran Adria
· Bourdain on Road House
· Adam Gollner Searches for Unpubescent Apricots
· Daniel Patterson Harvests Buds
· A Sexxxy Drink Recipe That'll Blow His Mind

That last one is presumably dripping with irony, though it wouldn't be at all out of place on the cover of certain lady mags. The issue is due to hit "your mailbox/grocery store/bookstore/pot dealer's house" around November 15. Here's the full-sized cover shot:


· @waltergreens [Twitter]
· All Lucky Peach Coverage on Eater [-E-]

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