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Here's a Look at Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook

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[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

Well, hello there, gorgeous: here's 2011's glossy stunner of a restaurant cookbook, Eleven Madison Park by chef Daniel Humm and general manager Will Guidara (preorder on Amazon). Coming out November 11 from Little, Brown and Company, the book is chock full of some major restaurant philosophy; complex, sophisticated recipes that contain multitudes of sub-recipes; and luscious food photography. As predicted, it's everything a big old restaurant/chef coffee table book is supposed to be. Let's indulge:

Although the recipes are pretty intimidating, Humm's writing refreshingly shows he knows it: "'Will people actually be able to cook from this book?' The simple answer is yes-ish." He does helpfully provide an email address for questions in case you get "confused, frustrated, or require further clarification." Thoughtful, but here's hoping the poor guy doesn't get totally swamped with emails from bloggers trying to cook their way through the book.

As promised, owner Danny Meyer's introduction reveals that Humm and Guidara will soon be able to add three Michelin-starred restaurant owners to their resume along with cookbook authors. Sections on the restaurant's history, Humm and Guidara's background, and the influence of Miles Davis are all great reads.

But let's be real: you're not buying this book for the articles, are you? This is some epic food porn, folks, and Francesco Tonelli's photography is the perfect showcase for Humm's colorful, delicate food as well as the restaurant itself. All in all, a proper record of a landmark restaurant in its prime. Here's the book trailer:

Video: Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook: The Trailer

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