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Four Loko to Fuel Cars Instead of Blackouts

A Four Loko toy car.
A Four Loko toy car.
Photo: Lady Chey / UCF

Wondering what's going to happen to all that leftover Four Loko now that the FDA has dropped the hint that caffeine is an "unsafe food additive" to malt liquor? We mean other than being hoarded/sold on Craigslist for ridiculous sums. It's being recycled! Into auto fuel.

That's right: the alcohol from the drink that the FDA cautioned caused a "wide-awake drunk" is being distilled into fuel and blended with gasoline. The cans will be sent to a recycling plant. An ethanol recycling plant, MXI Environmental Services in Virginia, has a contract with Phusion Projects, the makers of Four Loko. They're also buying the drink from wholesalers.

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