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Eater Poll: Do Bloggers Really Have Cats/Too Many Cats?

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)W($UOJNSF9108[0&^ Oh, sorry guys! My cat — William Hurt, a tabby — just ran across my keyboard. See, I'm a blogger and we bloggers have cats. Duh! What blogger do you know that doesn't have cats? I got my first cat with my very first post, written — obviously — whilst wearing pajamas in my mother's basement. It arrived the moment I hit "publish," in a sack on my doorstep with a note that said simply, "Welcome."

That's not true. I don't have a cat. I don't like cats. They're often either too haughty or too affectionate in a gross rubby way with no middle ground. But you wouldn't know cat-less bloggers existed if you were to listen to the insidious canard still peddled in the mainstream media. Even Tony Bourdain — tall, silvery heartthrob, blog-friendly firebrand, the William Jennings Bryant of social media — fed into the stereotype yesterday. So let's get to the bottom of this. Below is a poll about cats. If you are a blogger, complete this poll. If you are a commenter, complete this poll. If you are a cat, go find your blogger and tell him to come back to complete this poll.

Let's settle this thing once and for all. Pussy power!

Poll results


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