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UK Introduces New, Smaller Beer Size; BrewDog Takes Credit

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BrewDog protests measures laws in England.
BrewDog protests measures laws in England.
Photo: BrewDog

The UK is repealing a measures law that dictated the size of beers one could sell. Over the next three months, licensed pubs will begin serving a smaller beer, holding about 400 milliliters, a measure popular in some parts of Australia where it is known as a schooner. The current British pint — at 568 milliliters — has been the standard size for beer since 1698.

Craft brewer BrewDog, responsible for the supremely boozey, extremely squirrely beer End of History, claims the smaller pints are "perfectly suited to more flavoursome craft beers." And they're (somewhat cheekily) taking credit for the rule change with a blog post titled "BrewDog Changes the Law."

See, back in October, BrewDog staged the world’s smallest protest, a stunt in which they hired a be-mohawked little person (or as they put it, "dwarf") to stand outside Westminster for a week in with a protest sign that read "Small for All" in support of the 2/3 pint. Wrote BrewDog, "Two thirds of a pint is the perfect size for artisanal beers and will now help to combat irresponsible drinking as well as introduce new audiences to the craft beer revolution."

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