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Starbucks Unveils a New Logo With No Words

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[Photos: Starbucks] Starbucks unveiled a new logo today that drops the green band that says "Starbucks Coffee" and leaves the iconic mermaid/sea nymph all alone. Because the brand is bigger than mere words? The plan is to bring the new logo to stores in March to coincide with its 40th anniversary. So now it's not about coffee anymore? Sort of, but let's have CEO Howard Schultz explain:

This new evolution of the logo does two things that are very important: It embraces and respects our heritage, and at the same time evolves us to a point where we feel it's more suitable for the future... The new interpretation of the logo, at its core, is the exact same essence of the Starbucks experience. And that is the love we have for our coffee, the relationship we have with our partners, and the connection we build with our customers. What I think we've done is we've allowed her to come out of the circle in a way that I think gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee. · A Look at the Future [Starbucks]
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