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Fake Obama in KFC China Commercial For Fish Sandwiches

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An ad campaign for KFC China's Soft Roll Fish Filet sandwich focuses on change (we guess the change from fried chicken to fried fish?) and so who else do they use as a spokesperson but a Barack Obama impersonator? In one ad, the fake president gives what appears to be a campaign speech, except it is about sandwiches: "Change. Not only for America, but for the whole world. Not only for your mom, but for you, for your stomach, for a better taste!"

And then a giant fish sandwich falls from the sky and crushes him. In another ad, he gives the camera a thumbs-up and reminds the viewer that "Change is good" around a mouth full of sandwich. Check out the videos below.

Video: KFC China's Change is Good Campaign Speech Ad

Video: KFC China's Change is Good Thumbs Up Ad

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