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Twilight-Themed Restaurant and Bars Close

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Left: Twilight Lounge, The Lodge in Forks, Washington.
Left: Twilight Lounge, The Lodge in Forks, Washington.
Photo: The Lodge / Facebook

Shutter signage. [Photo: Discover Forks, Washington]

Despite the popularity of the Twilight books and movies, the teenage vampire romance didn't prove lucrative for some Washington restaurant owners. The Lodge in Forks, The Twilight Lounge and Dungeon Bar, three places you could eat/drink like a Twi-hard, have closed their doors.

Located in Forks, Washington, the town in which the books take place, The Lodge in Forks restaurant was named after a restaurant the main character Bella visited in the books and served Twilight-themed dishes like the Big Bad Wolf Burger and a Volturi Salad. Owners Annette and Tim Root also run two locations of the Dazzled by Twilight gift shop (which remain open) and lead Twilight-themed tours through the town.

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The Lodge in Forks

81 N Forks Ave Forks, WA 98331