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Chopped All-Stars to Feature Food Network Stars and Chefs

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[Photo: Food Network]

In March, the Food Network is running Chopped All-Stars — not to be confused with Chopped Champions — a "fierce five-part battle" in which "chefs you know and love go head-to-head" in the Chopped arena.

The contestants are from all over the place in the Food Network universe: some are frequent judges on Chopped (Geoffrey Zakarian, Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag), some are contestants from the Next Food Network Star (Michael Proietti, Lisa Garza!!), some are Food Network talent (Anne Burrell, Duff Goldman, Robert Irvine, Claire Robinson), some are chefs who've competed on the Next Iron Chef (Nate Appleman, Maneet Chauhan) and some are just chefs (Anita Lo, Jacques Torres). Odds are in favor of the chefs winning, but hey, you never know. Premieres Sunday, March 6th.

The Lineup

· Brad Sorenson
· Debbie Lee
· Lisa Garza
· Michael Proietti
· Anne Burrell
· Claire Robinson
· Duff Goldman
· Robert Irvine
· Anita Lo
· Aaron Sanchez
· Beau MacMillan
· Jacques Torres
· Nate Appleman
· Maneet Chauhan
· Amanda Freitag
· Geoffrey Zakarian

The Episodes

March 6th: Brad Sorenson, Debbie Lee, Lisa Garza, Michael Proietti

March 13th: Anne Burrell, Claire Robinson, Duff Goldman, Robert Irvine

March 20th: Anita Lo, Beau MacMillan, Jacques Torres, Nate Appleman

March 27th: Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag, Geoffrey Zakarian, Maneet Chauhan

April 3rd: The final showdown with one winner from each round.

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