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Martha Stewart's New Baking Show Premieries: Martha Bakes

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Today Martha Bakes, Martha Stewart's new 13-episode show that teaches baking basics, premiered on the Hallmark Channel. Stewart spoke to the AP about how Martha Bakes differs from food reality shows and even her very own program, The Martha Stewart Show: "I don't think that I was put here on earth to sing and dance while I'm cooking... I'm a good teacher and I think that this show shows that and really accentuates how important a good recipe is and how exacting a science baking is."

She told the NY Daily News: "There are so many cooking shows out there that really don't teach you so much... I thought the public should have a series of very fine, instructional cooking shows where you learn to cook." Concerned with a legacy — she is 69 years old, after all — Stewart said, "My life is my work... I'm creating a body of work that I think is valuable and will be valuable for many years to come."

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