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Lady Chefs Chocolates: Chocolates by Ladies, For Ladies

You know what ladies love? Chocolate! In honor of this stereotype/cliche/fact, Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus managed to round up nine lady chefs to create flavors for their Lady Chefs chocolate box. That must be, like, half the lady chefs in existence today!

Anyway, the chefs are all European and include Hélène Darroze, who has Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris and London, cookbook author Trish Deseine, Belgian chef Patricia Desmedt, Belgian chef and 2009 BRU Lady Chef of the Year Sofie Dumont, Annie Féolde, who has restaurants in Italy and Japan, Luxembourg chef Léa Linster, Belgian chef Arabelle Meirlaen, British chef and former Masterchef contestant Thomasina Miers, and Spanish chef Fina Puigdevall.

Why not celebrate strong females in a notoriously male field by doing a stereotypically lady-like thing: stuffing your face with chocolate? A box will set you back $35 plus $8 shipping.

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