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Watch the Worst Cooks in America Cook the Worst Food

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Hey last night season two of the Food Network's Worst Cooks in America premiered, the show in which Anne Burrell and (this season) Robert Irvine teach twelve really bad cooks how to cook really good. The amateur cooks on this program makes it of less import to this blog, but we just can't help but post these video clips of the contestants' first challenge. Here, they're let loose for an hour to make whatever they want using the contents of the kitchen's pantry, and it's not pretty.

Watch as the stay-at-home mom adds whole peppercorns to a "quiche" (she thought that it would "disperse the flavor") and another guy rips raw chicken apart with his bare hands ("It's just easier," he declares). And then another contestant coats chicken in cayenne pepper and cooks it in a pan with no oil, creating an airborne mustard gas-like environment. And then there's the vegetarian who boils the hell out of cubed beef in red wine. Asked Burrell: "Wow, what did I get myself into?"

Video: Cooking, Part 1

Video: Cooking, Part 2

Video: The Tasting