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Pino Luongo vs. NYC's Italian Restaurants

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pino-luongo-no-locanda-verde-150.jpgNew York restaurateur and memoirist Pino Luongo talked smack about a number of New York's Italian restaurants, including Locanda Verde and Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich's four star spot Del Posto. Locanda Verde's chef Andrew Carmellini told Grub Street he feels "sorry for poor Mr. Luongo if he is reduced to ranting...on video" and then proceeds to give them his own sound bite about a veal scallopini from one of Luongo's restaurants that "had the texture of a mud flap." Bastianich said, "Pino's disposition must be due to lack of a good bowl of pasta and bottle of wine," and offered to take him out to dinner. [, GS, HuffPo]