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The Top Ten 'Foodie' Cities in America

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Photos: CNBC

If you were to name the top food cities in America, places like New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco might come to mind. But what about the top foodie cities? We're not entirely sure what that means, but CNBC crunched some data and used metrics like the number of farmers markets, "Whole Foods and cooking stores," brewpubs, and the ratio of local restaurant to chains and then came up with a list that covers more than your usual big restaurant cities. San Francisco is on the list, but also places that don't always get nods. Check out the full list below.

· Santa Rosa, California
· Portland, Oregon
· Burlington, Vermont
· Portland, Maine
· San Francisco, California
· Providence, Rhode Island
· Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts
· Seattle, Washington
· Santa Fe, New Mexico
· Santa Barbara, California

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