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Critic Defends Wearing a Name Tag, Schmoozing With Chefs

The Dallas Observer's unanonymous restaurant critic Hanna Raskin became even more unanonymous than she already was when she attended a fundraiser wearing a name tag in Dallas earlier this week. And now she's had a chance to respond.

In a blog post on D Magazine amusingly titled "Hanna Raskin is Stripped of Anonymity on" — photos of her were already available online before she became a critic at the Dallas Observer — Raskin jumped into the comments and came to her own defense.

Raskin said that she's "deeply committed to the principles of anonymity," which is maybe a little at odds with attending an event with local chefs and food industry people while wearing a name tag? And for some reason she considered the event "safe," even asking a photographer not to take pictures of her.

Some might argue that her anonymity and professional distance were compromised simply by attending the event. In the end photographs of her landed on the internet, further undermining whatever anonymity she might have had.

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